350/355/350IS/355IS Reflash Instructions

350/355/350IS/355IS Reflash Instructions

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How do I reflash a 350 Series or 350 IS Series indicator?

Re: 350/355/350IS/355IS Reflash Instructions

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Upgrade Indicator Firmware

The Model 350/355 I.S. and Model 350/355 have flash memory on the main board where the parameters are stored. It is possible to update the firmware simply by using a computer. The firmware is loaded into a flash memory IC. This allows for ease in loading firmware updates.

Prepare For Upgrade

Before the indicator firmware can be updated, the procedure below must be followed. A computer with a serial port of USB port is required for loading a flash file. If you are using a USB port, a USB to serial converter is necessary.
1. Connect the communication cable from the comptuer to comm 1 of the 350/350 IS Series indicator.
2. Open the communications program or terminal window program (such as Communication Plus) on the computer.
3. Set the protocol of the indicator to be 9600 baud, 1 stop bit, no parity.
4. Go to paramter 65020 (reflash) and press [TARE] (350/350 I.S) or [SAMPLE/ENTER] (355/355 I.S). Press [TARE] (350/350 I.S.) or [SAMPLE/ENTER] (355/355 I.S) at the "ARE YOU SURE?" prompt. Press [TARE] (350/350 I.S.) or [SAMPLE/ENTER] (355/355 I.S) at the Enter = Flash prompt. ~OR~ Unplug the indicator and move Reflash jumper (E2) from NORMAL to REFLASH.
5. The terminal program should show:
GSE Scale Systems
Division of SPX
300 Series Bootloader Version XX (where XX should be at least 03)
Date (where Date should be at least Feb 2004)
a) Erase Flash
b) Program Flash
c) Set Baud Rate
d) Quit
6. Typically the default baud rate on the computer will be 9600. The programming time at 9600 baud is about 6 minutes. At 38400 baud the programming time is about 1.5 minutes. At 57000 baud the programming time is about one minute. Set the indicator baud rate in the terminal software to the desired baud rate by entering c from the computer keyboard. Set the baud rate of the terminal program to match the baud rate chosen for the indicator.

Load Flash File

1. The current flash file must be erased. Enter an a from the computer keyboard. When finished the menu choices will be replicated.
2. To program flash, enter a b from the computer keyboard. Open the flash file from your terminal window and send it to the indicator. After the file loads the menu choices will be replicated.
3. To end the flash process, enter a d from the computer keyboard to quit. The indicator will restart.
4. If the Reflash jumper (E2) was set to REFLASH, unplug the indicator and return the jumper to the NORMAL position.
5. In order to enable the Model 355/355 I.S. keypad you must cycle power and hold the [SAMPLE/ENTER] key on power up.

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