460 Indicator Key Presses

460 Indicator Key Presses

Postby gseadmin » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:31 am

How do I navigate the keys in a 460?

Re: 460 Indicator Key Presses

Postby gseadmin » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:34 am

Weigh Mode Command:
* To change scales (imitate Scale Select key): Press [TARE] + [SELECT] together.
* Macro abort: [ZERO] + [TARE] + [SELECT]
* Accumulation: [UNITS] + [SELECT]
* To identify 460 keypad, power down and hold the [TARE] key upon power up.

To enter SETUP mode:
1. Press [ZERO] + [SELECT] together
2. To enter the pass code, press the following keys in order: [SELECT], [ZERO], [PRINT], [UNITS], [TARE].

Setup Mode Keystrokes:
* Go back 1 parameter: [PRINT] then [SELECT] ~or ~ [TARE] + [SELECT] together
* Enter: [TARE]
* Clear: [ZERO]
* Next instance: [UNITS] + [TARE]
* Previous instance: [PRINT] + [TARE]
* To load a program from the firmware: 65001 [SELECT], then press [UNITS] to scroll through choices.

In a Custom Transmit or Macro table:
* Clear: [ZERO] + [TARE] together
* Toggle view (see codes), down arrow, scroll backward through alpha characters: [PRINT] + [UNITS] together
* Move Right: (Advance 1 character): [UNITS]
* Move Left (Move back 2 character): [ZERO] + [PRINT] together
* Insert an alpha character: [ZERO] + [UNITS] together, then use the PRINT key to scroll through the characters
* Insert a numeric character: Press the [PRINT] key to scroll through the numbers (Note, the first press says "PRINT ?????". Just keep pressing PRINT. To move over to the next digit press [UNITS]. For instance, this could be used to "type" in a parameter directly, then press [SELECT] to go to the parameter.

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