60 Series or 350 Series Trap Error

60 Series or 350 Series Trap Error

Postby gseadmin » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:23 am

What do you do if there is a TRAP error on the indicator?

Re: 60 Series or 350 Series Trap Error

Postby gseadmin » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:24 am

First check to see if the trap error always has the same error code (6 character alpha-numeric code).

a) If the trap error code is constant, please send the indicator in for repair. There is a hardware issue. Usually, the EPROM needs to be replaced.
b) On a 60 series: If the trap error code occurs on power up AND there is a database, then
* Power down the indicator. Press PRINT and UNITS together on power up. Go into setup. Then go to P65001 and default the indicator. Then reload
your program and database.
* If the trap error still is occuring and you have a database card installed, then power down the indicator. Take out the database card. If the trap error
goes away, the problem could be in the database try. Try to default the database card at P65010. Or replace the database card.
c) If the trap error code changes (A different number each time), then the processor is "freezing" due to some type of external influence. This can include, but is not limited to:
* Electrostatic discharge (ESD): I.e.: a highly static-prone material filling into a poorly grounded scale. Ensure your scale is grounded correctly.
* Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): I.e: A nearby high-inductance motor
* Radio Frequency Interference (RFI): I.e.: A nearby high powered radio transmitter such as a CB. This can influence a poorly shielded load cell or scale. Make sure to terminate any unused conductors so they don't act as an antenna
* Power Fluctuations: I.e. brown-out, voltage spike, etc.

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